Curious about our project? Wondering how we got our name? Who in the world is Amy? Are you a non profit?

We answer these questions and many more....so read on!

Who's Amy?

While we will never reveal last names (for privacy), Amy is a friend of ours who has successfully battled her own cancer. October 2007 Amy was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. After 5 months of chemotherapy and radiation, Amy is now cancer free and will be celebrating her 5 year out of treatment "anniversary" in March of 2013. Amy is a wife, mother, sister, teacher, church member, Fighting Sioux hockey fan, movie watcher, avid reader, crafter, friend, role model, super organizer, ice-cream lover and so much more to all of us.

To be honest, Amy's pretty awesome.

Why "Amy's Angels"?

The Amy's Angles name has two parts.

First, Amy and 11 of her friends and family members decided to walk in the 2008 Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3-Day through the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation. Because this group of 12 ladies decided to walk together and fund raise as a group, they formed a team in Amy's honor and named it Amy's Angels.  The 3-day walk in 2012 marked our 5th anniversary with the 3-day, and a rundraising total (to date) of $107,000.

The second part is that Amy has always believed that she is surrounded by angels. While going through her cancer treatments, Amy had many friends and family who frequently made sure Amy and her husband, Marty, were taken care of. From meals, cards, laundry, wrapping presents at Christmas and even just a phone call--the angels in Amy's life made a strong showing.

When this project started to become a reality, a name was needed. After talking to the 3-day walk team, they gave their blessing to use the team name.

Each person who is involved in this project knows Amy personally or they are connected to Amy by one of her friends or family members.

How did your project start?

Our project started when Amy's friend, Kelley, came across a blog of a woman who was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. On her blog, she listed her address (she probably didn't realize that folks can "stumble" upon blogs like Kelley did....). While reading the blog, Kelley said, "I should send her a card."

She then thought, do random people send cards to people they don't know who are fighting cancer? Kelley asked Amy about it. Amy said she did receive cards from people she didn't know, "Why not...why not send cards to people who are fighting cancer? Who cares what kind of cancer. Just send a card!"

Kelley then talked to Amy about the idea of expanding this into a blog and Amy really liked it.

That is how the project began!

I'd like a card sent to someone. What do I do?

Click on the "Request a Card" button at the top of the page  and you'll see what is needed for card requests. We ask that card requests be sent via our web form so that no personal information is posted on the blog via comments.

I'd like to ask that a card be sent to a caregiver who is helping a cancer patient. Is that OK?

Of course! We'll send cards to anyone. We would just need the same information (name, address, how you know the person, etc.) to make the card personal.  We also ask for folks to share with us things that the card recipient likes.  We try our best to make a card using those items, but should that not be possible, it gives us something personal to include in the hand written message.

How often are cards sent to a caregiver or cancer patient?

At this time, due to the requests we receive, we are sending one card per person.  However, if you like the idea of people sending cards to your loved one, consider asking friends and family to send cards and create a schedule!  A card or phone call is often the thing that is needed to lift someone's spirits (and puts a smile on YOUR heart, for doing something so meaningful!).

How much are your cards?

FREE! (how awesome is that?!)

Where will you send cards?

We will send cards to anyone in the world.

As Amy said, "It's a stamp.  A stamp to make someones day is a small price to pay."

I looked at your card designs and I really like a specific card. Can you send that card to my friend/family member?

At this time, we are not taking orders for cards.

If you don't take orders for cards, then why show us what kind of cards you have?

The answer is simple. We want folks to see our cards are more than just a piece of folded cardstock with a sticker slapped on the outside. Handcrafted cards can take over an hour to make depending on the detail involved (that's per card). While it may be disappointing to know that the one card you really liked may not be the one your friend or family member receives--the bottom line is we can't guarantee that the card you want will be available.

Think of it this way: a beautiful, handmade card is coming to your loved one to make their day brighter. That is what really counts, right?

Are you a non-profit?

We are non-profit in the sense that we are not making any money by providing this service. Those involved are doing this on a volunteer basis and we donate our time and the materials for our cards out of our own pocket.

Do you accept donations?

We are still working out the details for donations. Please contact us to discuss what type of donation you'd like to make. 

I work with a group who makes cards and would like to partner with you.  How can we do that?

We have gotten requests over the years from groups who want to donate cards to our project.  We are always happy to have handmade cards at the ready!  

I want to join you in this adventure.  Can I be one of your "card senders"?

At this time, our "card senders" are a select group that we know personally.  Because personal addresses are involved, we are choosing not to expand our group at this time.  Safety and privacy are our number one priority.  However, if we have encouraged you to do something special with your card creations, consider sending cards to cancer centers, veterans homes, and other places that need encouragement, too!

What kind of cards do you send? 

Our cards are handmade.

We're based in Minnesota. It's cold 9 months of the year which means we stay indoors. If you were indoors 9 months a year, you'd do crafts too!

Who makes your cards?

We have a number of friends and family members who are currently making cards in their spare time for this project. We have a wide variety!

I'm a little nervous about sending someone I don't know, the address to my friend or family member.

We recognize that in today's world, people are sneaky.

And as much as we'd like to think that we're sneaky when it comes to keeping secrets and hiding Christmas gifts, we aren't the deceitful kind of sneaky.

Here is the reality....we can't take that "gee..I don't know" feeling away. We want people to know that we are good people with big hearts who simply want to make someones day a little brighter during their cancer treatments. If you'd like for us to write out a card to your friend or family member and have it mailed to you instead, that is an option. But we hope that you'll give us a chance!

OK, I'll send you an address--but what do you do with them after you send the card?

All requests containing addresses are deleted two weeks after the cards are mailed. We used to delete addresses right away, but sadly, a few cards were returned to us and without the e-mail we couldn't "track down" who requested the card! So, we now wait 2 weeks and delete the e-mails.

What is the turn around time for card requests?
Our goal is to have cards mailed out within 7 business days of getting the request.

Have a question that you don't see here--ask us! Send us an e-mail to: